Pretty Pompadours: Get the Look

gwen stefani
Flickr photo by litonali
Gwen Stefani is the queen of punk rock pompadours.

But lately other celebs like Kate Beckinsale have been showing up on the red carpet with tamer, prettier versions of pompadours.

Now it's your turn to make this look your own.

See how to get the look ...

  1. Start by sectioning off a big chunk of your bang area. It should be about a 2-inch by 2-inch section. Roll it in a large Velcro roller or hot roller. Think Coke can-size.
  2. Slick back the rest of your hair into a tight ponytail -- keep it looser for a more subtle look. From here, you can either leave it in a ponytail, do a French twist, or pin sections for a funky bun.
  3. Remove the roller and tease the base of your bang area if you need more height. Softly smooth back being careful not to flatten your volume. Again, keep looser for a more subtle look. Pin with bobby pins in an "X" formation.
  4. Finally, spray with a flexible hold hairspray.

Which way do you prefer this look ... punk rock Gwen style or Kate's tamer version?


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