Shoe Porn: Mini Wedges

wedge sandals
Braided Chain Mini Wedge; Victoria's Secret
Lately I haven't been in the mood to wear high heels. Not even three-inch wedges. I don't have a fever or need hospitalization, and as hard as it is to believe that I, a high heels-lover, am not into walking on tip-toes, I'm just not. I want mini heels -- just enough for a little lift, but low enough for weekend strolls.

I want these shoes.


The purple is hot! But I think I should go practical and get the black so it matches with more. These Steve Madden Braided Chain Mini Wedges ($89) from Victoria's Secret also feature a chain braided through the straps. Super-chic -- check out more chain finds under $30.

Note: The white is currently out of stock.

What do you think of these shoes? Which color would you buy?

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