Are You Addicted to Tanning?


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With summer just around the corner, some of you feel the need to hit the booths or the beach to prepare your bikini body. This used to be me in high school, but I've avoided the sun and the bulbs for some time now as skin cancer is much less attractive than a savage tan.

But some people (and I know some of them) ignore the dire warnings and bake themselves every chance they get. I just read at the Daily Glow that Metro says people can actually be tanning addicts.

Requisite Jersey Shore jokes aside, apparently the act of tanning can make some people feel so good they want to get the fix again and again. I suppose if some kinds of depression can be brought on by winter, then the sun's rays -- real or otherwise -- can up those serotonin levels enough to make people jones for more.

I want to avoid premature aging and cancer, so I don't tan. But if you know cigarettes cause those same things, and you can't quit, you're an addict. So I can see how tanning can be tossed into that mix as well.

I'm just not sure what tanning rehab looks like. Take the GTL crew to Maine for the winter and quit cold turkey?

Do you tan? Do you think you're an addict?


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RanaA... RanaAurora

No way.  You can always tell in the late 30's and early 40's who has taken care of their skin and who hasn't.  The women who tan look a decade older, and those who moisturize and use SPF lotion every day often look younger than their age.

I accidentally end up with a little tan sometimes, but going to lay in a machine to destroy your skin is just... well... it's pretty stupid.

tonya... tonyalynn

ive owned a tanning bed, and miss my tan, but i dont want a wrinkly face later

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