Makeup Trend: Ombre Eyes in Green

YSL Ombre 5 Lumieres; Sephora
Remember all those cool ombre finds under $30 from last week? Well, I have one more. I just couldn't resist.

I spotted this eye shadow during my "research" (ahem, online shopping), but unfortunately it was a little too pricey for that category ... and my budget, frankly.

Alas, I've still been dreaming about telling all of you about Yves Saint Laurent's Ombre 5 Lumieres: 5 Colour Harmony for Eyes ($56) ... and hoping I can justify a purchase. It's like $11 per shadow ... eek!

My fave palette comes in Garden of Eden green and each of the five colors has a different finish -- matte, shiny, pearly, iridescent, and one for highlighting. Plus, you can use it dry (as is) or wet by adding a little water to the powder.

I already came up with five ways I want to wear it ...


1. Wear just one color at a time -- use as liner or a more subtle shadow.

2. Create a smokey effect by using the darker colors and smudging.

3. Use the bright green to line my top lid and light green to line the bottom.

4. Try a faded ombre look with the darkest colors on the outside lower lid and work my way up and in, getting lighter gradually.

5. Add the shimmery lightest color to the inner crevice of my eye for an angelic look that brightens my peepers.

Would you spend this much on a shadow palette? Should I?

PS: We don't need to mention this to my boyfriend.


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