What Would Make Your Shower Experience Better?

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The shower is my private time. It's like my little respite from the world when I cannot be interrupted.

Honey, I'm jumping in the shower. Can you keep an eye on the kids?

That's such a lie. There is no jump. I dislike haste. Once that door closes, it's me with my favorite shower buddies. I get in slow and I take my time. Especially on the weekends.

Oh and who are those shower buddies, you wonder ...

  • A fresh scented soap. I love anything that smells clean, powder-y, or orange-y.
  • A loofah or puff sponge. I like lots of lather.
  • Hot water. I know it's supposedly bad, but I love it hot and I love the steam.
  • Shampoo and conditioner that also smell great.

I wish I had:

  • A razor that I only use once and my hair is gone forever.
  • A seat. I'd love to sit in the shower but if I had a seat I'd probably take way too long in there. Which leads me to wanting ...
  • Time. More time.

What would make your shower experience even better?

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