DIY -- Feather Headbands

Flickr photo by weglet
I'm obsessed with any and all things British ... mainly their funky headpieces and hats with feathers they wear to weddings ... and Jude Law

Feathers have been around the past few seasons -- that's nothing new -- but I love making my own feather headbands.

It's super-simple and no one will ever have the same one as you.


Head to your fave craft or fabric store and stock up on fancy feathers. Get a variety of big and small and play around with bright colors like peacock blue.

Reuse an old headband or pick up an inexpensive one at Target, Forever 21, or some place like that.

Use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to secure your feathers on your headband. Make sure you play around with different looks before you get glue-happy.

Set aside and let dry overnight to be safe.

See? Super-simple!

Do you wear feather headbands?


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