DIY Hair Accessories, Shirts, and Vests: Links I Love

woman in bathtowel
Flickr photo by helgasms!
I love all things fashion (duh), but most stuff is just so darn expensive! Luckily, there are tons of DIY options:

  • I'm sure you have an old jean jacket pushed back in your closet somewhere. Dig it out! You can turn it into a chic vest!
  • Super-cute hair accessories that you can make at home, inspired by those on the runway. Yes, please.
  • Take one of your man's old tees and transform it into a cute tank for you.
  • Again, storm your man's closet (wow, he's really going to be pissed, hehe). You can make a cute ruffled top from one of his button-downs.

Do you ever do DIY fashion?


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