Get the Betty White Makeover

Betty White
Photo from Splash News
Caught up in Betty White fever? Want to know what you'd look like if you copped her look?

Daily Makeover will give you the visuals on what you'll look like if you go short, gray, and sassy. Just upload a photo and try the style on for size.

I don't know if I'm still high off all that gal power on SNL on Saturday, but the Betty White 'do isn't half bad!


AOL's Mark Marino went under the Betty machine as well, and he also shares with us a gallery of celebrity hotties after they've been Betty Whitified.

I find it fascinating that Rihanna looks cute. This whole thing is making me rethink old lady hair. Victoria Beckham can pull off the look also. Jennifer Aniston ... not so much.

What do you look like with the Betty White makeover?

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