Shoe Porn: FitFlops With Sequins

FitFlops; Piperlime
In case you want to wear your FitFlops with ... oh, a little black dress, these sequined leg-toners are for you.

In bronze! The Electra FitFlop ($60) from Piperlime also comes in black and pewter -- sequins and all!

Said to be the most comfortable shoe ever, FitFlops are supposed to tone your legs and butt just from waddling around in them.

Hmm ...


Maybe just buying FitFlops will make you walk more, so in turn, you'll work out your lower body more, but what do I know? I think four-inch heels are a workout.

And even though these are super-duper fancy, if you wear them with black sweatpants, I think they'd look pretty chic.

What do you think of the sparkly FitFlop?

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