Kendra Wilkinson: Pre-Baby Vs. Post-Baby

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Ever since this "girl next door" had her little ... er, big boy, she's totally come into her own style -- even if she does have a sex tape looming about.

Previously known as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson was once the sporty gal with very little sense of style. She was often spotted in trashy-looking dresses and even left the house in what looked like lingerie. But in her defense, if I were a Playboy model, I'd walk around in my knickers too.

Whether you attribute it to dating and marrying Hank -- which is when she started looking more chic -- or to her baby Hank Jr., I'm loving Kendra's look these days ... even if she does want smaller boobs.

Find out the seven things I love the most ...


1. Not so bleached blonde hair

2. Elegant makeup

3. Appropriate hemlines

4. No over-the-top cleavage

5. No see-through apparel

6. No crazy poses

7. She still booty-shakes and I love that she's still the Kendra we knew at heart

Do you think you need to change your style when you become a mom?

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