Daily Desire: Crossbody Handbag

cross body bag
JCPenney; $32.99
I have a tendency to carry a bunch of crap in my purse, so little clutches don't work for me. Even regular-sized purses are oftentimes stuffed beyond capacity. Shoes, makeup, hair products, sunglasses, books, wallet, and countless forms of receipts and tickets can be found in my bag daily. I'm a mess, I know.

Which is why I'm loving the fact that oversized crossbody handbags are hot for this spring/summer season, giving me plenty of room and enabling me to look trendy while being a bag lady living out of my purse.


I'm swooning over this Bisou Bisou pouch purse from JCPenney. I love the drawstring; it keeps it from looking like the schoolbag that you carried in seventh-grade, and that chain strap ... hot! So hot that I'm even able to overlook that bit of fringe on the side.

High-five! But only because I'd have free hands while wearing this purse.

Do you have any crossbody handbags?

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