Daily Desire: Lola by Marc Jacobs

Sephora.com; $65
The newest scent by Marc Jacobs, called Lola, has been named one of Allure's prestigious Best of Beauty award winners.


It's a happy scent, which is something that I think everyone can use a little more of. The New York Times Style Magazine reviewed it, saying, "Lola is a juicy fruit grenade, the scent track for Gossip Girl. It parties on your arm as if 2007 never left. Maybe Jacobs is on to something. Maybe it takes too much confidence to wear the chicly cool anorexics like l’Eau d’Issey. Maybe what we need now is a seriously happy fruit salad."

The scent has a base of pink peppercorn, pear, and ruby red grapefruit with notes of rose, fuchsia peony, and geranium. Vanilla, tonka bean, and creamy musk keep it from being overwhelmingly frou-frou.

And you can't go wrong with that slightly gaudy yet equally fabulous bottle.

What scent are you wearing this spring?

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