Cute Swimsuit, But a Buck a Boob More? Really?

bathing suit
Photo from J.Crew
I'm in love with this adorable solid ruched femme tank bathing suit from J.Crew. Isn't it pretty in lagoon green?

However, why is it a dollar a boob more for those of us who have D cups? Yep, the $80 swimsuit goes up to $82 if you need D cups.


Hmmph. Don't we pay enough already in sweat and tears alone carrying these heavy babies, which grew to Fs when we were nursing, around everywhere we go? We already have to go to overpriced specialty stores to get bras that fit. And half the bathing suits in the world don't even come equipped for the woman with the "nice rack" (which mine was called at age 16 and ruined my breast self-esteem for life; I'm trying to take it back, reclaim it, love it ...).

And really J.Crew, I don't think a buck a boob is going to make or break you ... so cut us larger-chested women a break, okay?

What do you think? Should swimwear sellers charge large-breasted women more?

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