Fake It With a Faux Bob

Flickr photo by mobu27
Want to trade in your long locks for a trendier short 'do? Don't chop your tresses -- just fake it!

Celebs like Taylor Swift and Eva Longoria trade in their lengthy strands to create a faux bob look all the time for red carpet events.

Follow these steps to fake it just like them.


Start with a deep side part. Next, get the curls. Whether your hair is curly or not, you'll want to use a curling iron anyway to make curls or define the ones you have.

Section off hair to curl and spray with a heat protector before you curl each section. Instead of using the curling iron by clamping, try wrapping your hair around the barrel and holding for 30 seconds. Release gently and don't touch! Continue around your whole head.

Next, start tucking under and securing the ends of your hair to the base of your hairline with bobby pins. Make an "x" with the pins to make it secure.

Spray with a flexible hold hairspray and you're finished.

Will you try this double-life style?

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