Bright Fuchsia Lipstick: Would You Wear It?

Rouge Cream Lipstick; Sephora
This summer is all about bright, candy colored hues ... and I want to eat this adorable trend right up.

My fave is Marc Jacob's bright fuchsia lipstick worn by all his runway girls at the Spring 2010 fashion show.

Personally, I never wear lipstick. It makes me look like I'm trying too hard and just doesn't mesh with my look (whatever that is).  But I'm so addicted to this trend. I think I'll try wearing it around the house until I get used to it and then work up the nerve to wear it outside.

Find out how to wear it ...


I'm going to try Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipstick in Mr. Lover 10. It's only twelve bucks so if it turns out I look like a prostitute, it's no huge loss. I love how it's a creamy, matte look -- if this lipstick was shiny it would be way over the top (in a bad way).

So when you wear this, go super easy on the rest of your makeup. Try a simple black liner and mascara and just dab a tiny bit of this lipstick on your cheeks. Not too much or you'll look like a doll -- just enough to give you a little color.

Would you dare try this bright lipstick?

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