Have a Clothing Swap Party!

A scene from my retro party. Want to swap these clothes?

While partaking in the week-long celebration for CafeMom's 2nd birthday with my virtual cocktail and favorite SweetPea, it got me thinking about parties. We all love 'em!

I just had a retro party for my birthday thanks to Cafe Kim's suggestions. But in keeping with the theme of "two" and "party" why not have a bash when you bring clothes you haven't worn in two years for a swap with your friends? Everyone will leave with a gift!


Leave the kid's clothes at home...this party is all about swapping styles for you and your lady friends.

Here are some great guidelines to host a swap party:

  • It's a party, so make it festive. Serve drinks, little bites, play fun party music. You can even make it a retro party if you want!
  • Each woman should bring up to ten pieces of clothing, jewelry, shoes or accessories.
  • All items need to be in good shape. No stains, tears, or bad fashion choices need to rear their ugly head at this party. Make sure everything is clean and not still wrinkled from being under the bed in a ball for the last two years.
  • You can leave with as many items as you came in with. Brought two skirts? You can leave with two other items.
  • Create a fair system of swapping. You can display all clothes, then draw names to see who gets to pick first.
  • Donate left over items to charity.

For more party guidelines, this piece on how to hold a fashion swap party has some helpful information.

If you do have children's clothes to swaps for kids, you may want to look into joining the private group Baby/Kid Clothing Pool and reading Cafe Cynthia's blog on item swaps for toddlers. There's also a private group called Deals & Steals Swap Station.

What do you think? Ready for a fashion swap? My favorite SweetPea sure is!


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