Your Hair Can Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill

As we all watch, wait, and worry about the aftereffects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, one non-profit group has the greenest solution to oil spills I've heard yet: Hair and fur.


Matter of Trust collects hair and fur from human and animal salons around the country, because using hair is one of the easiest ways to clean up oil. Did you know this?

Beth McCormack Bernitt, owner of Mane Street Styles in North Branch, New York, donates the lopped locks from her salon to Matter of Trust as a way to avoid filling up landfills and saving the oceans at the same time.

Bernitt says it's easy to participate. She just lines a box with plastic, fills it up with her clients' locks, and ships to the non-profit when the box is full. Instructions are available on Matter of Trust's website.

Matter of Trust constructs blankets of pet and human hair that soak up the greasy stuff and save animal lives in the ocean. Check out the end of this video to see a demo -- it's shocking at how efficient hair is in cleaning these spills.

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