The Product That Reminds Me of My Mom

chanel No. 5
Flickr photo by geishaboy500
My mom never wore jewelry; in fact, her ears aren't even pierced.

She never caked on the makeup ... she never really had a need to; she's beautiful as is.

But the one beauty product that I'll forever remember her for is Chanel No. 5 perfume.


It's her favorite, and the one beauty item that she'd hint to Daddy to get her for Christmas instead of a toaster.

It sometimes worked.

Whenever I get a whiff of the perfume from a lady I pass on the streets, I inhale deeply, because it reminds me of her so much. I hate living 1,500 miles away from my mom, but it's nice when I get those wisps of nostalgia, even if it's from a stranger.

I'm not particularly fond of the actual scent (sorry, Mama) ... I only like it because I associate it with my mother. But that's reason enough for me to at least appreciate it.

What beauty products remind you of your mom?

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