Cheap & Chic: The Angeleno Suit

Since I've never had to wear a suit to work a day in my life (thank you, entertainment and media biz!), this revolutionary new look in cropped suit pants may be lost on me, comfort-wise. But not on all of you sweaty-legged commuters.

What's not lost on me is the incredibly chic look of a loose blazer over cropped pants. I'm loving the new suit that's being dubbed "The Angeleno," but so far it's only been seen on the runway. (It's the shiny blue suit about a minute in to the video.)


After some serious style searching, I put together a boyfriend blazer from Chadwick's with a pair of convertible cargo pants, also from Chadwick's. Throw a tank on under that blazer and you're ready for work, then straight to the beach for happy hour.

Even better, you can sport this fresh-from-the-runway look for under $100, keeping you very cool this summer.

Summer Fluid Boyfriend Blazer ($49.99) -- Chadwick's

Convertible Cargo Pants ($19.99) -- Chadwick's

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