What to Wear for a Day on the Farm

farm outfit
Photo from Polyvore.com
I may live in a big city now, but I grew up in the country, and getting dirty while riding horses and feeding chickens were just a part of life.


I'm going to my friend's family's farm in upstate New York on Memorial Day weekend (and I'm super-stoked!). Unfortunately, all of my country clothes are packed away at my parents' house in Tennessee (they don't exactly come in handy all that often in NYC), so I'll need to get some new "old" clothes for my weekend away. 

You don't want to wear anything nice for a day on the farm, but that doesn't mean you can't look cute while gettin' down and dirty. But definitely, definitely wear jeans. It may sound like a good idea to wear shorts in the blazing hot sun, but between bugs and plants like poison ivy, your legs will get torn up unless they're covered. Trust me on that one.

All of these clothes are under $20 (except for the cowboy boots, but those are good investment pieces that you can wear with numerous outfits).

From top left, clockwise:

  • BKE beaded cowboy hat ($19) from Buckle
  • Destroyed baked skinny jeans ($15) from Wet Seal
  • Cowboy boots ($43) from Alloy
  • 3/4 sleeve Buffalo plaid boyfriend shirt ($17) from Styles for Less


What do you wear when you spend a day in the country?

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