Keep Your Concealer From Creasing; Get That Messy Hair Look: Links I Love

Brittny Drye

putting on makeup
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There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to beauty. I try to remember as many as I can, but it's sometimes hard. So this post will be my virtual sticky note, and I get to share the tips with you all. It's a win-win.

  • You don't realize what a big role your eyebrows play until you accidentally screw them up plucking (yes, I know this from experience). Here are some easy tips to get the perfect brows
  • It's so annoying when my concealer creases, highlighting every tiny wrinkle on my face. But there's a way to prevent that ... hallelujah!
  • If you have a hot date coming up, follow these get-ready steps. He may or may not be Mr. Perfect, but you'll at least look perfect. 
  • Messy updos and side braids are all the rage this season, but it's hard to purposefully make your hair look messy

Share some of your beauty tips!

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