Garlic Can Make You Beautiful

Flickr photo by felipe gabaldon
We all know that garlic (our food ingredient of the week!) has health benefits, but did you know it can solve a host of beauty issues as well? Me neither.

CareFair has an amazing list of the benefits of garlic outside of the usual heart health ones you hear about so often. But you don't have to eat it to give you glowing skin; you can just slice it open and rub it on to prevent acne, psoriasis, and cold sores.


Garlic can be used as an antibiotic, and it's antiviral and anti-fungal so you can clear up a mess of unsightly ailments by using CareFair's recipes. I'm definitely trying the acne mix, and God help me if I ever start to lose my hair, I'm rubbing garlic oil all over my bald head.

The article does say if you eat a little bit of garlic every day, you won't need to use it topically. Which I think sounds perfect, although sometimes unrealistic. Also unrealistic is assuming everyone is okay with smelling like garlic. Hey, I love it, but it doesn't mean my immediate family members want to live with my garlic fantastic-ness.

Still, I'm thinking it's worth trying an all-natural beauty treatment rather than slathering on the chemicals.

Would you use these garlic fixes?

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