How to Find Non-Toxic Makeup

Flickr photo by dreamglow pumpkincat210
This weekend my daughter decided to raid my makeup drawer. Seeing your 4-year-old with mascara marks between her eyebrows and lipstick circling her lips, sometimes making contact, is hilarious. I pretended to be mad and scolded her for playing with mommy's not inexpensive property. Then I thought, I hope there's nothing toxic in there.


After being berated by a stranger, Michele also stopped to ponder the toxins in makeup. She cites some studies on the effects of everyday toxins and asks why the FDA won't regulate the beauty industry. I totally agree, but am not holding my breath.

Until they do, Skin Deep's Cosmetic Database is a website worth bookmarking so you can check your own makeup brand and discover where they fall on the toxicity scale. (Thanks to Brianne for calling it out in the comments.)

Luckily, my foundation is acceptable. Sadly all of my lipstick, lip pencil, and eye shadows are not. Is it any wonder when I tried to change to that same brand of foundation my face broke out in hives? While I'm not going to out the brand, just a word -- ladies, expensive doesn't always mean safe.

I'll be changing my makeup and running everything by Skin Deep before it goes on my face (and inevitably on my daughter's cheeks, forehead, and chin). You should too.

Did you discover anything scary about your makeup from Skin Deep?

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