Kate Hudson: Boobs vs. No Boobs

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So ... did she or didn't she? I'm talking about Kate Hudson and her boobs. On the left is Kate in December 2009 with her mom, and to the right is Kate on April 29, 2010.

This blonde beauty has always been super-small in the bust region, but as of late March, she's been turning up on the red carpet looking ... shall we say, fuller.

Before, she was adorably flat, perhaps an A cup, but now she's sporting what look like large Bs.

Here are my 5 reasons I like the "after" look better:


1. She only went for a large B cup. When it comes to boobs, people usually think the bigger, the better (ahem, Heidi Montag). I love that she showed restraint and picked a good size for her small frame.

2. She's still elegant. I haven't seen Kate slut it up yet with super cleavage and doubt she will.

3. She didn't need them to enhance her career, like some up-and-coming starlets think. She obviously did it for herself and not because she was pressured by Hollywood.

4. She's keeping quiet. Kate has yet to confirm or deny her surgery -- although it's pretty obvi. I say good for her ... it's nobody's biz!

5. She was stylish even before her boob job. Although some say she was insecure about her pre-surgery boobs, I think the opposite. Kate always wore tight and low-cut dresses on the red carpet. If anything, she's more conservative now.

What do you think of Kate's boob job? Do you like her better before or after?

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