DIY Wedding Dress: Short & Super-Stylish

wedding dress nyc
Photo by Craig Paulson
My friend Melody is one of the most beautiful people I know, and I'm not just talking about her supermodel looks, though damn, I wish I had her legs. She's a designer, so of course her wedding was stylish. It was also romantic and filled with elegant details, and she wore one of the most gorgeous wedding gowns ever -- a vintage dress redesigned by the bride herself.


Melody called me when she was trying it on at Cheap Jacks, a vintage shop in NYC. My office was just a few blocks away, so I went over to meet her. At the time, the dress had straps, was full-length, and had a flower applique at the waist. When she pulled up the front to get that Stephanie Seymour in Guns N' Roses' "November Rain" video wedding dress look, she knew -- this was the dress. It just needed a little work.

She removed the fake flower at the waist and sewed in gorgeous beading. Straps were cut. And the hemline was reworked to be long in back and short up front. Instead of spending thousands on a dress, she spent just a few hundred dollars. An imagination, a tailor, and some DIY ingenuity are worth a whole lot. Oh, and her headpiece? From Etsy! She purchased items from a few different sellers and put them together to craft the perfect accessory.

With all the talk about the bride, I have to mention the groom. Mark sure looks handsome! They're such a gorgeous couple, aren't they? And the two women Melody is with in the photo below are her gorgeous mom on the left and beautiful sister Valerie on the right. Great genes in that family!

The wedding was at The Foundry in Long Island City, just across the East River from Manhattan. It was one of the best and most beautiful weddings I've ever attended.

Enjoy the photos!

wedding dress

Photo by Craig Paulson

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wedding nyc bride groom

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wedding dress bride groom

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wedding kiss

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Don't you just love the wedding kiss?

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