Sexy Side-Swept Bangs -- Get the Look

Photo by Brianne DiSylvester
I've gone through many different bang lengths. Short, long, straight-across, side-swept ... I've done 'em all.

Every time I get my hair cut, I get straight-across wispy bangs, but they only end up looking good for about two weeks. After that, they're too long to wear straight down.

My solution: Sexy side-swept bangs. Here I am with my niece Julianna Rose and rocking bangs ... see how to get the look.


Okay ... stick with me. There's a lot of back and forth.

Start by parting your hair on the opposite side you want it to go. So if you want the larger side of your hair to be on the right, part on the left, and vice versa.

Blow dry your hair starting with your bangs first. Using a brush or comb, blow dry and comb your bang area in the direction it's parted. After it's fairly dry, brush it the opposite direction. And go back and forth brushing in opposite directions until your bangs are dry.

Finish off the rest of your hair by blowing dry. Then comb your hair back and part on the opposite side. This gives awesome volume and the side-swept bangs I love.

Depending on length, you may need some product to set your bangs in place. Only use a super-light amount to avoid looking greasy, or spray with a flexible hold hair spray.

If your bangs are too much in the center for you, try brushing and blowing dry the direction you want it to stay and/or pin for 10 minutes with a bobby pin.

What's your favorite way to wear bangs?

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