Outfit of the Week: Jeans Tucked Into Boots

Photo by Michele Zipp
Spring and fall are my favorite seasons for many reasons, but fashion-wise, it's because I can wear boots without being too hot.

Tucking jeans into boots with a long tank top is kind of my signature look.

In summer, minus the boots, add sandals. In winter, just add cardigan.


The super-long tank I'm wearing in this photo is actually a cotton dress I bought at a sample sale. Way too short for a dress, for me anyway, but perfect to cover my butt and wear with tight skinny jeans.

You can even dress up this look for nighttime with a fancy necklace. It's an easy style. Oh, and baby accessory not available in stores. That's my little man. I'll wear him anywhere.

Tell me about what you're wearing today!

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