Weird Side Effects of Latisse

Flickr photo by circo de invierno
If you've ever wanted long, lush eyelashes, then you've probably considered (or used) Latisse. However, as Brooke Shields says, you should be asking your doctor for a prescription, or you might be shocked when your blue eyes turn brown.


But that's not the only side effect of the eye drops. The New York Times has a piece describing a change in eyelid color, hair growth in odd places, and irritation that have taken Latisse users by surprise.

Not because the drug doesn't come with these warnings, but because so many people are getting Latisse online or even from their local beauty salon.

The reason Latisse is a prescription drug rather than an over-the-counter is precisely because of these side effects. Doctors need to explain the risks as well as the proper usage to avoid things like hair sprouting from your cheek. Something you're not going to get when you enter your credit card info and have Latisse shipped to your home. As the article points out:

"The Latisse they buy online could be adulterated or fake. But even when the Latisse is the bona fide Allergan product, bypassing a doctor means a patient is not necessarily taught proper application or made aware of the potential problems."

Yikes. I'd like a little eyelash lift every now and then, but putting my vision and appearance at risk doesn't sound like a good trade-off to me. Even with a prescription, I'm going to stick to with my Maybelline, thank you very much.

Have you tried Latisse? Any weird things happening?

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