Comb Shades, Butt-Crack Shield: Links I Love

backtacular butt crack shield
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As much as I enjoy learning about new fashion trends and hot beauty products, I'm still intrigued by all of that weird news out there. I mean, people come out with some pretty bizarre-o things. Here are a few links to items that I found to be exceptionally odd:

  • Plumbers can rejoice -- they've come out with a product to hide your exposed butt crack. I mean, it was only a matter of time, right? And it has sparkles, ooh! The Backtacular Ass Crack Shield is both decorative and utilitarian, so put some bling on your butt. 
  • The face purses are freaky-deaky and I'm probably going to have nightmares now because of them.
  • Who doesn't love products that serve two different purposes? I know I do. So thank you, Chanel, for coming out with sunglasses that serve as eye protection and a comb. We can all be super-prepared now while looking like mini versions of Kanye West.

Which of these weird products do you find the strangest?

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