Color-Coded Makeup Brushes

makeup chart
Photo from Fairweather Faces
I was recently reminded of Fairweather Faces' makeup brushes when, after my move, I was desperately searching for a missing brush I use to apply cream eye liner. Of course I was running late, and naturally the wayward brush was hiding in some crack only to be discovered two days too late.


What I did find was the detail/deluxe duo brush from Fairweather Faces that the CEO had given me to try out like, six months ago. I grabbed it, dabbed it, and smacked my forehead as I could've been using this smooth, sturdy, and accurate brush for half a year.

When you're not having an emergency makeup moment, you can take your time with these professional brushes that are color-coded and come with a handy chart (or you can look at the chart online) so you know the best way to utilize these brushes like the pros do when styling fancy celebrity faces.

Personally, I often get confused about what goes where when I'm given too many options, so the chart is coming in handy. The brushes can be pricey, but I've already found you get what you pay for (or, rather, was given to you, in my case). If you want to test it out before you commit to the big guns, grab the mini brush set for $29.99, then see if you want to expand to the duo and beyond.

Mini Brush Set ($29.99) -- Fairweather Faces

Detail/Deluxe Duo Travel Size ($45) -- Fairweather Faces

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