New Trend: Rat Fur

Flickr photo by jontunn

Mink is out. Rat is in.



Besides the fact that I think all fur is disgusting and wrong, this one is just all sorts of ick.

The nutria, also known as the gigantic 10- to 20-pound rat that hangs out in Louisiana's marshlands, is overpopulated and causing all sorts of havoc on the swamp. In an attempt to manage the population growth, they're now being trapped for their "designer" fur and, as Vanity Fair states in their blog, it's made its way into menswear for the fall 2010 season.

The glorious, golden tan to chocolatey brown fur (those are VF's words ... clearly not mine), is known as the "responsible fur" since they're being turned into trims, hats, and linings to battle the environmental issue. Oh, I bet PETA is having a heyday with that one.

While the rat fur has been used for years, it's being seen on the catwalk (pun intended) as high fashion this fall in designers Gilles Mendel's and Billy Reid's collections.

Does this mean that I should treat those little rats in the subway as prospective fashion statements instead of squealing?

Would you wear rat fur?




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