Vintage Wedding Dresses: So Beautiful

vintage wedding dress
Simplicity Is Bliss; $280
vintage wedding dress
Nod to Mod Vintage; $120














I want to get married again. To the same man. Just another wedding. But this time, it'd be just us, plus our twins, and I'd wear a vintage dress

Our anniversary is coming up -- May 25 -- and why not, right? I'd love to have a picnic in the park, all dressed up. I'd say I'd wear my wedding dress again, but it's just not going to fit.

We can sit in the grass and renew our vows -- we wrote them so we can just repeat them to each other -- and then make out like teenagers.

Okay, we won't be doing that in front of the kids, but we'll do some smooching.

A vintage wedding, for your first wedding or third or renewal of vows, is definitely cost-effective. And check out these wedding dresses I found on Etsy Vintage.


1940s Pale Yellow Lace Prom Dress ($280) from Simplicity Is Bliss (top left)

1970s Ivory Sheer Lace Strapless ($120) from Nod to Mod Vintage (top right)

And if you want something even less expensive ....

vintage wedding
Crafty Crow Vintage; $28
vintage 20s wedding
luvintage; $59.98










1970s Lilac and Sun Dress ($28) Crafty Crow Vintage (left)

1920s Ivory Drop Waist Dress ($59.98) from luvintage (right)

Of course, it can be more difficult to find the right size, but there are so many sellers on Etsy who have dresses like these that you may find one that fits.

Would you have a vintage wedding?

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