The Nicole Richie Top Bun

Photo by Brianne DiSylvester
Nicole Richie
has come a long way since her Simple Life days, but now she's known for her cute, chic style.

It's kinda hippie meets boho meets pixie. I can't get enough.

I even stole one of her signature looks -- the top bun. Nicole even does it to her daughter, Harlow. How cute!

See how you can get this hairstyle too.






Photo by Brianne DiSylvester

The Top Bun

  • A soft bristle brush
  • Tight hair tie
  • Bobby pins (optional)

Start by brushing your hair back. Then, starting at your forehead, brush your hair like you're going to put it in a high ponytail. It should hit the crown of your head.

Repeat this going the whole way around your head until you have a high ponytail. Double the ponytail over so you have a loop and fasten the hair tie tightly around the base.

Slightly pull and separate the bun (like you're tightening a ponytail) to add extra pouf. It's okay if it's a little messy looking.

You can wear it with side-swept bangs, no bangs, or straight blunt ones like Nicole's.

Have you ever tried this look?

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