Preparing for Boobquake 2010: 5 Push-Up Bras to Help You Make Your Point

Boobquake Tanktop
Boobquake Tanktop
On the eve of Boobquake 2010, l thought I'd round up some push-up bras to help us best make our point to Kazem Sedighi, the Iranian cleric who has claimed that earthquakes are caused by immodest women. Sure, we don't all have a D cup to put on display like Jen McCreight, the blogger who came up with the idea for Boobquake, but we can all do our part with a little help from these bras.







Lily of France Extreme Options Push-Up Bra1. Lily of France® Extreme Options Push-Up Bra (Kohls; $30)

With 62 different ways to wear it, this is the Swiss Army knife of push-up bras. It's available in four colors and comes with removable pads to give you a little extra oomph.




La Perla Push-Up Bra2. La Perla Americano Push-Up Bra (Net-A-Porter; $135)

Simple. Elegant. Expensive. If your girls like luxury, this bra will show them you care.






Xhilaration Microfiber Push-Up Plunge Bra3. Xhilaration® Juniors Microfiber Push-Up Plunge Printed Bra (Target; $9.99)

If you want something fun and unexpected to peek out of your plunging neckline, these polka dots will do the trick.





Aerie Emma Bra4. Emma Vintage Extreme Pushup Bra (Aerie; $44.50)

The pretty vintage dots and ribbon combine with the new-fangled "extreme air pushup padding" to give you the best of old & new.





Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra5. Miraculous™ Push-Up Bra (Victoria's Secret; $49.50)

No round up of push-up bras would be complete without a nod to Victoria's Secret. This miracle bra promises to add two FULL cup sizes for maximum cleavage. Better take cover, Kazem Sedighi!




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