Preparing for Boobquake 2010: 5 Push-Up Bras to Help You Make Your Point


Boobquake Tanktop
Boobquake Tanktop
On the eve of Boobquake 2010, l thought I'd round up some push-up bras to help us best make our point to Kazem Sedighi, the Iranian cleric who has claimed that earthquakes are caused by immodest women. Sure, we don't all have a D cup to put on display like Jen McCreight, the blogger who came up with the idea for Boobquake, but we can all do our part with a little help from these bras.






Lily of France Extreme Options Push-Up Bra1. Lily of France® Extreme Options Push-Up Bra (Kohls; $30)

With 62 different ways to wear it, this is the Swiss Army knife of push-up bras. It's available in four colors and comes with removable pads to give you a little extra oomph.




La Perla Push-Up Bra2. La Perla Americano Push-Up Bra (Net-A-Porter; $135)

Simple. Elegant. Expensive. If your girls like luxury, this bra will show them you care.






Xhilaration Microfiber Push-Up Plunge Bra3. Xhilaration® Juniors Microfiber Push-Up Plunge Printed Bra (Target; $9.99)

If you want something fun and unexpected to peek out of your plunging neckline, these polka dots will do the trick.





Aerie Emma Bra4. Emma Vintage Extreme Pushup Bra (Aerie; $44.50)

The pretty vintage dots and ribbon combine with the new-fangled "extreme air pushup padding" to give you the best of old & new.





Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra5. Miraculous™ Push-Up Bra (Victoria's Secret; $49.50)

No round up of push-up bras would be complete without a nod to Victoria's Secret. This miracle bra promises to add two FULL cup sizes for maximum cleavage. Better take cover, Kazem Sedighi!






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nonmember avatar Mad Cat

Right on women! Check out my blog today about the same topic:

sodapple sodapple

what was boobquake? i think i missed it.

nonmember avatar Julie

The wonder bra of yesterday pales into oblivion when we look at what is available in the modern market place. I would like to believe that eventually we accept our breasts in what ever form and shape without the need to consider cosmetic surgery as a means of correcting our natural shape.

nonmember avatar Bob Smiley

Thanks for this article. I think this article will be helpful for women who want attention on their boobs. The five push-up bras which can help you make your point are good. I like the details of the bra collection. I think just like these bras are for those who need help with their cleavage there are also help for those who want assistance for their teeth. They can try cosmetic dental implants.

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