Expose Your Chemical-Laden Makeup

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Remember Michele Zipp's post from last week that had her sketched about eating with her lipstick on? She's right to worry. On average, women ingest four pounds of chemical-laden lip stuff (gloss, stick, tint) in a lifetime. That's as much as my Pomeranian weighs!

I'll let you in on a little eco secret of mine along with some of my favorite organic makeup lines.


Most of you confessed to not even thinking about the chemicals in lipstick and makeup in general. Many moms seemed concerned more about lotions and detergents, which is a step in the right direction. But think about it: Makeup is going right against the most sensitive parts of your body -- mouth and eyes.

Labels can be quite tricky when it comes to makeup. The easy solution is use is the Cosmetic Database. It tells you which toxic ingredients are in your favorite products and gives them an eco rating number.

Keep in mind that very few cosmetic brands are 100% free of chemicals. Anything that scores a 2 and under is considered okay by most eco professionals, and a 3 to 6 rating is iffy. Definitely avoid anything rated 7 to 10.

The tricky thing is that some brands will have a very low eco rating for, say, a lipstick, but then their tinted moisturizer is off the scale with toxins. It's important to search each item going on your face since it'll in turn be absorbed into your body.

Run your cosmetics through the system ... you may be shocked by what you see.

In the meantime, here are some great eco brands I love:

Physicians Formula and Organic Wear


Jose Maran Cosmetics

Note: Not everything in these lines are perfect either.

Test out the database and report back how your makeup scored!

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