Daily Desire: Clarins Mascara

Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara; $24
I recently ran out of the Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara that I was given during a press event. And I'm sad. Because that stuff was ah-mazing.


Now, I'm pretty cheap (and lazy) when it comes to buying makeup. I buy the cheapest thing at the drugstore that's down the block from me. And Clarins definitely doesn't sell their stuff at Walgreens. Which means, in order to get some more of the mascara that I love, I have to fight a crowd in a department store. Argh.

But it might just be worth it for this. It made my lashes look great, it didn't smudge or clump, and if I sweat, it stayed on like a champ. I wore this stuff during an afternoon at a spa and had perfect lashes the entire day (lasted through the steam room, sauna, hot tub ... ). And yes, I realize that actually wearing makeup to a spa is absolutely ridiculous, but that's not the point.

Especially with hot weather right around the corner, I'm going to need a mascara that can withstand me sweating like a pig.

What's your favorite kind of mascara?



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