The Perfect Top to Wear With Leggings

Striped Sweater; Victoria's Secret

I want to live in flowy tops. They camouflage so much and have an Angelina Jolie meets '70s chic feel.

Not a bad look to have, right?

Victoria's Secret is marketing this top to be a bathing suit cover up, but my Lord, why waste it for beachwear only?


This Striped Linen Cover Up Sweater ($58) has that perfect vintage vibe I love so much. I'd wear it with a tank top underneath, of course, and a pair of black leggings.

I could also add a thicker belt, but the linen tie that comes with it will probably be much more comfortable, especially when toting my twins around. (Easy access for breastfeeding too, might I add.)

Love it.

Would you wear this as a top?

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