Lane Bryant Plus-Size Ad Gets Censored

Plus-sized boobs aren't okay for primetime TV. So says Fox and ABC, according to Lane Bryant. And the Brooklyn, New York, size 16 model -- Ashley Graham -- who appears in the ad, is shocked by the censorship.

The company says that ABC denied airing the plus-size retailer's commercial for its line of lingerie, Cacique, during Dancing With the Stars. Fox wanted substantial edits before they'd show it. It was aired on Fox after Lane Bryant threatened to pull the ad and the money behind it.


I'm confused because there's so much cleavage on display during DWTS -- along with lots of leg, back, and ... oh let's face it, some of the dancers are basically naked. And Pam Anderson's large boobs certainly aren't hidden (Kate Gosselin's were almost as big, don't you think?).

And Fox? Well, you can't get much more G-rated than Glee. (Maybe that's why that show annoys me?) But they do show NASCAR races and there are always erectile dysfunction commercials airing during that time. And maybe I have a dirty mind, but when I see those commercials, I don't really see those old people smiling at each other fully clothed, but I imagine the rock-hard you know what doing things like it was 19.

Maybe it's too shocking to see voluptuous women? (I'm being sarcastic in case you couldn't tell.)

Was the text message the curvy model received ("Meet Dan for lunch") too much for these networks? I mean, she did leave with just a coat over a lacy bra and panties. Gasp!

I can be pissed. I can say it's a double standard that Victoria's Secret ads are all over the place with those skinny models all tiny and still boobalicious. And that's true. But really, this is the best thing that could've happened to Lane Bryant. People are talking about it, all press is good press, and in this case, the reported discrimination of lingerie-clad bigger women is causing an even bigger stir -- more people are paying attention to the ad than they would've before.

What do you think of the censorship of Lane Bryant's ad?

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