The Affordable Toga Dress

Photo from Urban Outfitters
I've been wanting to find a good toga dress since I saw all of those solo shoulders peeking out on last fall's runway shows. But seeing as how the designers don't send me samples or make them in "real girl" sizes, I've had to shop around.


It's true, some days I feel too old to walk into Urban Outfitters, but when you're buying a trend, you know you can find a toga, wide belt, short shorts, and feather hair clip all in one place.

Instead of dropping a couple hundred, this Urban Renewal Johann I Love London Dress captures the toga spirit for only $68. One-shoulder strap, check. Colors of the Mediterranean, check. This dress is a total keeper in my book. I'm planning my chaise lounge sitting right now.

Urban Renewal Johann I Love London Dress ($68) -- Urban Outfitters


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