1970s Hair, How to Get It

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty
As we've seen all over the runway, straight hair a la 1973 is back. The polished look will continue into fall 2010, so if you've got short hair, start growing it now! If you've already got hair down to there, here's how to style those flowing locks.


1. Wash your hair every three days

You want to fight frizz to look sleek, so avoid the fluffy just-washed look by leaving a few days between washings.Three is a good number, but if you can swing more without getting too sweaty and greasy, go for it.

2. Be gentle with the heat

Gone are the days of putting your hair on the ironing board or even using a flat iron. This look is about volume, not stick-straight, so leave the flattening tools alone. However, your blow-dryer is your friend. Starting at the back of your hair, use a wide-spaced bristled round brush and dry from top to bottom, in sections. Avoid overdrying the ends so they retain some bounce.

3. Use the right product sparingly

For a simple assist, find a leave-in conditioner that's appropriate for your hair's thickness. If you're going for a smoothing agent, try these recommendations (I've found Frizz-Ease works really well). Experiment with a tiny amount at first, then gradually add more if you're finding it's not giving you the level of smoothness you want. Too much product will make your hair heavy and prevent that beautiful flip you're going to want to toss around at the appropriate moment.

4. Play with the part

Some people just aren't center part people. The 1970s look doesn't require the split down the middle (as you can see on the model above), so dry your hair all three different ways before settling on your look. You can play around with clips, bobby pins, or headbands to find the perfect presentation.

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