Hip Hemp Fashion to Celebrate 4/20

Photo from Overstock.com
Happy Weed Day! Can't figure out what to wear to the pot party? Whether you smoke it or abstain, donning a hemp outfit is becoming more mainstream, no patchouli required.


The LA Times reported this weekend that star designers are incorporating the long-lasting, eco-friendly textile into their high-fashion looks. Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, and Calvin Klein are leading the way in hemp style, and you know they're not making mud-colored ponchos for the runway.

Hemp has had to overcome the stoner complex, however, because most people don't know that while hemp is actually part of the cannabis family, it has no psychoactive qualities.

Growing hemp is better for the environment than other textiles, as hemp requires less water and less pesticides and isn't a man-made toxin (hello, polyester!). Hemp also has a longer shelf life than other fabrics, especially if combined with recycled plastic or organic cotton.

As more mainstream outlets such as Urban Outfitters and Fred Segal start to stock hemp-made clothing, you can bet it won't be long before we all have a hemp tee in our dresser or hemp sneaks protecting our toes.


Armani Men's Three-Button Hemp Suit ($299.99) -- Overstock.com

Palladium Navy Pamp Hi Hemp Boot ($59.99) -- Urban Outfitters


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