Doggy Styles That'll Blow Your Mind

Photo from Intergroom
I once made my cocker spaniel wear a hat and I felt bad about it. Clearly, I would not last for one second at Intergroom -- the creative dog grooming competition that happened this weekend in New Jersey. You're looking at last year's winner in the photo.


While I think the "Zen Poodle" with a dragon on one side, jumping fish on the other, should have taken the prize; the judges went for the poodle with crying angel. You MUST check out the slide show on the New York Times online.

These dog styles can take six months to come together! The stylists work tirelessly shaping the fur, growing it in the right direction, testing out color palates; all in hopes of taking home the crown in the wackiest dog competition since the Puppy Bowl.

I'm really blown away at the dedication and the creativity of these dog owners. Extra props to the guy who transformed his dog into a sea horse (while standing on his hind legs, natch) and even blew bubbles to enhance the visual.

Your weekend was a lot more productive than mine, Intergroomers. Bravo.


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