How to Bronze Without Overdoing It

Photo by Brianne DiSylvester
I'm half Italian so I'm an olive skin lass. It's great in the summertime because I tan super quickly and get all goldeny. Please don't yell at me about skin cancer ... I do wear SPF.

However, in the winter I'm just this sallow, yellowy looking person. I try to mask it with rosy, ski bunny cheeks which gets me through the super cold months. 

The spring is when I really go crazy. The warm weather and sun tricks me into thinking I should be tan. So, I use these bronzers to trick my skin into appearing tan.

Here are my winners:


Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer ($13.95) by Physicians Formula

For my face:

Sensitive skin girl here. I use Physician's Formula religious for all my makeup needs ... it's all eco-friendly. For my base I use the Organic Wear 100% Nautral Origin Tinted Moisturizer ($9.95), which has a built in SPF 15.

Over top of that, I finish off with the Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Bronzer ($13.95). It has two shades that you swirl around for a more natural look.

Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray ($10.99) by Neutrogena

For my bod:

I'm all about spray on ... no lotions that goop up or leave streaks and orange palms. Neutrogena MicroMists Tanning Sunless Spray ($10.99) comes out easy with a light mist to cover all the hard-to-reach places. Plus, it's oil-free, won't clog pores, and dries in five minutes.

Michael Kors Leg Shine To Go ($10) by Sephora
For my legs:

My friend who worked for Estee Lauder introduced me to this amazing product: Michael Kors Leg Shine To Go ($10). It's packaged like deodorant and is scented with Michael and leaves a subtle shimmer behind. I use it on my legs and decolletage.

What are your fave sunless tanners?

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