Double Up on Cuff Bracelets

tyra banks
Photo by Splash News
Wonder Woman totally had it right, rocking the cuff bracelets on both wrists. How hot was that?


Lately, I've been seeing this look growing in popularity amongst us mere mortals. Celebs like Tyra Banks and Demi Moore have donned it, adding some flair to the more basic dresses that they've worn on the red carpet.

cuff bracelet; $10.15

A pair of identical bracelets work best, one on each wrist. Pair the bracelet duo with an understated sleeveless shirt or dress, it will add an instant and unexpected oomph to the outfit. 

The thicker, the better, like this yellow leather studded bracelet from Asos.

The only thing better would be if the bracelets gave us superpowers.

Do you have any cuff bracelets? Do you ever wear identical ones on both wrists?

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