Flip-Flop Dos and Don'ts

Photo from Zappos
It's time to set those feet free, ladies!

From the basic flip to the dressy flop, there are a variety of flip-flop options coming at us this Spring. Before you pick out your new pair, check out this list of important dos and don'ts:



Get a pedicure.

Head to the salon for the spa pedicure with 10 minute foot massage, or go basic. Either way you've got to clean up the feet before showing them to the world. No one wants to see ragged edges and crusty heels. And you deserve a feet treat!


Skip the pedi if you can't hit the salon. Soak your feet in the tub, give the heels a good rub and buff your nails. You're good to go.


Find a comfortable, work horse pair of flip-flops if you're going to be doing a lot of walking.

Reef is a reliable standard that won't cut between your toes like the cheaper brands or fall apart after a week of errand-running/beach combing.


Wear the work horses to the White House, or any other dressy occasion. If you're going to go to a fancy dinner, leave the flip-flops at home unless they sparkle, shine and can pass your Grandmother's inspection for acceptable foot wear.


Consider a pair of flip-flops that can do double duty.

The Fit Flops may not get you swimsuit-ready, but it's worth adding a little more resistance to your daily walk.


Forget that flip-flops are for summer. Just say no to the Fluffies, and that flip flop-tube sock contraption. Just . . .ugh (Ugg).

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