Daily Desire: Birthstone Ring

sapphire ring
Photo from Etsy; $17
I was born in September, so my birthstone is a sapphire. My favorite color is blue (it comes in other colors, but blue is the most common), so it worked out well. I wouldn't have minded it being a diamond, though. My sister's is, lucky girl.


But for some reason, I haven't had any sapphire jewelry since I was a kid. It's such a pretty gem, too.

Wearing your birthstone as an adult just doesn't seem to be as popular as it was when we were kids. Usually, the first "real" ring a little girl gets is one with her birthstone in it, or when you get your ears pierced for the first time, a lot of people get studs of said stone.

I'm thinking I need to remedy this with an antique sapphire ring, like this one from Etsy. Goodness knows it would go with a lot of my outfits ... 80% of my closet consists of blue items.

What is your birthstone? Do you wear it in your jewelry?

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