Make Your Lipstick Last, Beauty Items You Should Clean: Links I Love

brushing hair
Photo by roxysmommy
I love learning beauty tips and I love sharing them with my friends, so my darlings, here are some beauty links I love:

  • Why is it that lipstick rarely stays on? And if it is a brand that stays, you have to practically scrub your lips off to remove it. I'm just learning of some prep work that you can do to make your lipstick last. -- Betty Confidential
  • Certain types of salon highlights go with certain types of hair. Wait, what? There's other options other than foiling? -- Allure
  • You're supposed to clean your makeup brushes, hairbrushes, ... ah, well now I just feel dirty. Learn what other beauty items you should keep clean. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • How to bronze when you have dark or fair complexions. -- Bella Sugar
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