Daily Desire: Lighted Makeup Mirror

makeup mirror
Photo from Amazon.com; $24.88
My apartment has horrible lighting. The windows that are in my bedroom and bathroom look out into an alley, so any sunlight that could get through the tiny openings only comes through for about 15 minutes in the morning, before the sun rises and is blocked by the buildings.


Therefore, unless I want to get up at 5:17 a.m. to pluck my eyebrows (which, I'm don't), I'm forced to guess. I've been so horrified looking into the mirrors at work (oh my god, I've turned into Bert) that I've started taking my tweezers with me to do some damage control.

Is that weird?

A lighted mirror would solve this little problem. I'd have light, and I'd have a magnified mirror to perfect my grooming and makeup routines. It would also open up a whole new worry that I'm currently oblivious to: pores.

Do you use a makeup mirror to put on your makeup?

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