Should You Fraxel Your Face?

Flickr photo by kiwinz
I recently was scanning a local parenting list serv and discovered a discussion about whether or not to Fraxel. Yes, I also thought they were debating the merits of a Muppet.

It turns out it's a noninvasive laser treatment used on your face that can remove everything from acne scars to melasma (pregnancy mask).


There are different Fraxel treatments available depending on what kind of issues you may have, but it varies from the mild (fine lines and sun spots) to a surgical procedure they refer to as a pre-facelift. You can walk out of the office after the minor laser treatment, but the more serious procedure will knock you out of polite company for a few days.

Personally, I can't imagine getting a pre-facelift but I do wonder about zapping away fine lines. If the last few decades are any indicator, what is an outpatient zapping today, could be a laser you buy online by the time those sun spots start to bug ya'.

The online ladies seemed to be leaning pro-Fraxel when I last left off the email chain. No word on whether health insurance will cover a Fraxel'ing. I'm going to say not.

Would you get a facial procedure if it didn't require any downtime?


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