Trend: Baring Both Shoulders

shirt; $27.05
Last season, we were eased into the bare shoulder trend, with one shoulder tops being the hot item. This year, we're going all out ... we're baring both, baby.


I love it because the collarbone is shown, and, let's face, that's a damn sexy part on a woman's body and doesn't take two hours a day of gym time to perfect. Hallelujah.

I've bought a few shirts, but I've mostly converted old ones, cutting the tops off so they hang down over my shoulders. Personally, I prefer the looser fit for the shoulder-exposing shirts (again, for the gym-time reasoning) paired with skinny jeans, but the slim fit tops, like this one from Asos, looks great, too.

P.S. Brush a bit of bronzer across your collarbone ... it'll make it stand out.

Are you a fan of the shoulder baring trend?


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